Is cloud storage the answer?

With everyone looking to “the cloud” the sky seems to be the limit, but are we really ready to store all of our data offsite?

The last few years has seen a whirlwind of activity around evaluating and migrating workloads to the cloud. For those digital frontiersmen that have forged a path for others to follow, lessons have been learned along the way.

Not all storage is created equal; so while it may seem like a cheaper option, cloud storage does not always maintain the level of performance or compliance organisations require. As the maturity of the market has developed, so too has the understanding of the limitations of cloud based storage.

It is widely accepted now, that a hybrid cloud model is by far the most appropriate architecture for the vast majority of organisations. With this realisation the focus switches to the types of information and data that can and should be stored in “the cloud” as opposed to on-premise, and the type of storage that we will need on premise as part of a hybrid cloud.

The technical benefits of cloud-based solutions and the agility and competitive advantage it can provide to our environments cannot be ignored. However, it would be safe to say that the drive to adopt cloud technologies and cloud storage has been driven from a financial perspective rather than a technical one.

Any future storage being considered for the on-premise component of a hybrid cloud solution must have the scalability of cloud storage while maintaining the cost benefits that are attractive in cloud offerings. This is where disruptive vendors like Pure Storage are changing the game forever.

Pure Storage sell all-flash arrays, so it goes without saying the performance is outstanding, and has them leading the latest Gartner Quadrant for flash storage. However, it is not the performance that is impressive, it is the concept of “Evergreen Storage”.

What if your storage was always new?  What if it provided performance and value for ten years or more, without a repurchase every three years?  And what if that performance came with no downtime, no migrations, and no forklift upgrades?

Sounds good?  Pure Storage address all of this by providing:

  • A 10 year guarantee on their storage
  • A brand new controller head every 3 years with your renewal, free of charge
  • A guarantee that your maintenance will never exceed the price you pay in year 1
  • An upgrade process that truly requires no downtime, with new controllers just plugging in to replace the old controllers
  • Innovative programs for adding capacity – providing the latest form factor for all of your storage, while you only pay for the increase in capacity

Want to know more?  Contact your Intalock Account Executive or send us an email.


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