10 reasons to upgrade to EV12

Need a reason to upgrade to Enterprise Vault 12? Well here’s 10 from the Veritas team…

  1. Organisations continue to struggle with retaining information to meet regulatory and business requirements. As a result, many keep everything, sometimes longer than they should, increasing IT administrative overhead and business exposure and risk. To help address this challenge, Enterprise Vault supports classification of all ingested content–email, files, Instant Messaging, Social Media and more. Customisable policies automatically determine what to classify and retain or discard and whether to tag an item for faster search, discovery or supervisory review.
  2. What happens to your archive when your retention policies must evolve to be compliant with new regulations or business requirements? You adjust archive retention as needed. Re-classification  helps ensure your archived information meets current regulations, retention and classification policies. You can revisit an Enterprise Vault archive with unlimited retention and use policies to define what information should be kept for business value, compliance or discovery and what should be deleted. You can even update retention periods on individual items.
  3. Regulatory and business retention requirements can change over time. Fortunately, Gated Deletion  helps you delete information only if it meets current retention policies. Enterprise Vault can perform a policy check before expiry or user deletion.
  4. Your ability to more precisely archive and retrieve images has been enhanced with Image OCR (optical character recognition), which allows you to extract image text for indexing and classification, performing OCR on images with embedded text during the archiving process. Enterprise Vault supports iFilter text extraction, enabling any Windows iFilter plug-in to extract text for indexing and classification. Images may then be searched and retrieved using Enterprise Vault Search, Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator or Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator.
  5. Supervision can be exhaustive when policies are inefficient at filtering out non-relevant information. A new feature in Compliance Accelerator, Intelligent Review  helps make supervision quicker, easier and more intelligent by learning from responses and building knowledge to prioritise useful information and cull non-relevant data over time.
  6. For auditors using Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator, there is a new feature – Accelerator Open Reporting. This feature enables you to use OData (Open Data Protocol) web service for open access to Microsoft Excel or Power BI or any other data analysis application.
  7. First introduced with Enterprise Vault 11, Enterprise Vault Search provides intuitive, browser-based access to the archive via laptops, tablets or mobile devices. In Enterprise Vault 12, Enterprise Vault Search offers an updated look and feel with new features that help improve end user productivity.
  8. First introduced with Enterprise Vault 11, SMTP Archiving enables Enterprise Vault to archive any content sent from any application or product that supports sending email via the SMTP protocol. In Enterprise Vault 12, SMTP Selective and Mailbox Archiving is introduced, as well as SMTP Target Scalability, which enables you to target the same SMTP email address from multiple servers for increased scalability and reduced TCO.
  9. In version 12, organisations have additional high availability options for the archive, as Enterprise Vault, Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator and Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator now support Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability groups and Failover Cluster Instances.
  10. In Enterprise Vault 12, PST migration capabilities have been further enhanced. You can migrate PST files using existing PST migration workflow features into Internet Mail archives. User access to migrated items is via Enterprise Vault Search or Mail Connect.

Want more info about EV12, or need help migrating?  Get in touch with our information management team.


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