Pokemon GO – what does it mean for your organisation?

Pokemon GO
(Photo: Flickr, Creative Commons)

Any trend that involves a technology platform and dramatically shifts consumer behaviour rapidly, needs to be taken seriously by corporate organisations.  With the launch and feverish consumption of Pokemon GO, Nintendo’s stock price more than doubled inside two weeks and is now more valuable than Sony.  As easy as that occurred, the market reacted a few days later, once the growth stopped accelerating.  Regardless of company value, we see a new technology platform being experienced at scale (augmented reality) and a novelty brand that compels its users to chase it (Pokemon).  A new frontier of usage, behaviour and data flow is now upon us – which two weeks ago, you didn’t know was coming.

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Is cloud storage the answer?

With everyone looking to “the cloud” the sky seems to be the limit, but are we really ready to store all of our data offsite?

The last few years has seen a whirlwind of activity around evaluating and migrating workloads to the cloud. For those digital frontiersmen that have forged a path for others to follow, lessons have been learned along the way.

Not all storage is created equal; so while it may seem like a cheaper option, cloud storage does not always maintain the level of performance or compliance organisations require. As the maturity of the market has developed, so too has the understanding of the limitations of cloud based storage.

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It’s not my fault…we don’t have an IT Security Manager

Surprisingly (or not!), many of the organisations I deal with – both mid-sized and larger businesses –  do not have a dedicated owner for IT Security. This means that the responsibility can often fall on multiple people within an IT team – or even an audit and risk committee in some cases.

The challenge comes when the “proverbial hits the fan” and that’s often when the finger pointing starts between different folks from the business and IT leaders where security still sits within a portfolio mixed up in a bunch of other services.

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